Wood Ducks

I’ve seen and learned a lot in the past year since I starting shooting Birds and Ducks…by far the wish list duck for me was the Wood Duck.  OMG, what a beautiful creature!  Finally a few weeks ago, thanks to my friend Randy who seems to know all the great spots to find ducks and birds, I spotted my first male wood duck.   They were pretty far away, so the quality of the photos is not the best, but WOW. Look at those colors and design!!!

wood duck

Some interesting facts:  unlike most waterfowl, the wood ducks perch and nest in trees.  They find their mate in the winter and usually produce two broods in one year. A clutch can have between 6 and 16 eggs and it is not uncommon to have two females using the same nest so if one were to take a peek, there could be 30+ eggs in there!

wood ducks

You can see the female here, not as colorful but still beautiful.

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