H Ferrell Hogbottoms

Don’t you just love that name! H Ferrell Hogbottoms This place is a little, well not so little, something like 146 acres in Irving TX…it is an oasis in the making.  A gentlemen by the name of Jim is creating this wonderful refuge, it’s whimsical and natural and oh my gosh can grow into  a wonderful getaway for both nature lovers and nature itself!  Went on what I’ll call a “scouting visit” yesterday, actually didn’t take a lot of photos, just enjoyed exploring the place….and hoping Jim will allow me back in to take more photos!  Spotted quite a variety of animals and ducks and birds.  From llamas, to Rams, to Wood ducks to Lincoln sparrow and a bunch in between 🙂

I actually shot with my wide angle lens for the first time in probably a year…I’ve been so engrossed in birds I really haven’t taken the 400mm  lens off the camera.  Also decided to play a little with textures in Photoshop,  something else I haven’t done in awhile. Hope you enjoy as much as I did exploring.

There is a facebook page and a website, you should go check it out!

hogbottom fog




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