Who Knew

A photography friend of mine bought a bike…and decided to take a “ride” to visit his brother….in CA.  He’d told me about it and I’ve seen a few facebook photos, but figured he’d eventually post some photos on his Flickr account.  ANYWAY, randomly came upon his adventure on a blog.  He never bothered to share that he’d set up a blog.  LOL   So for those of you adventurous ones, those bikers, and anyone else that follows me, check this out, it’s entertaining and some fine photos!!



One thought on “Who Knew

  1. Oh The Humanity! Well I now have over 20 blog posts under my belt and starting to get the hang of it. I still don’t know how to get the wordpress widgets to work even though I’ve added them they don’t show up. So I was a little embarrassed to raise the “hey I’ve got a blog” flag. I’m still working on those darn widget things.
    When you both go RVing, I hope you y’all get a chance to write your travel stories and post lots of photos as well so we can all follow along. The road is quite an adventure 🙂


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