Long Island Beach Birds

I had my annual visit to NY to see my kids and friends.  Took a day to myself and walked to the end of Robert Moses State Park,  aka Fire Island.  When we were kids we called it democrat point, not sure where the name came from or if it is still referred to as that, but while it has changed a bit it is still beautiful.  It is the point of Fire Island where the inlet lets the ocean into the Great South Bay, it can be a bit tumultuous or it can be calm, all depends on Mother Natures mood… LOL

The morning that I walked was calm and beautiful, the tide was going out and the terns were in the hundreds.  I sat for over an hour and watched in amazement as the parents flew out to the inlet get fish, flew back and somehow figured out which of the 100+ squawking young terns are theirs…I guess they each have their own individual sound.

Here is a parent bringing breakfast to a young one.tern

The tide was going out so I was able to walk pretty far out onto the sandbar.  American Oyster Catcher and Semipalmated Sandpiper were getting their own breakfast in the calm waters.

Semipalmated SandpioerOX5A7490

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