Mandarin Duck

So I’ve heard that the Mandarin Duck is the most beautiful duck in the world…yup have to agree!!!!  Came upon one hanging out with a gaggle of Canada Geese this past weekend at a pond in Irving, TX.   What a site to see.  He is quite small but OMG, what a presence!!  I have to admit, I probably shot 500 images….now I have to decide which ones are the best and which to delete…..Being a hoarder by dna, that’s gonna be tough!


I initially spotted him under an oak tree…after reading more about them I discovered they like acorns…well that explains that.

This whole relationship with the Canada goose baffels me  🙂  Really can one more colorful fall for one more drab???

Mandarin duck and his goose


How about a staring contest?

Irving Jan 2016-1018-Edit




Irving Jan 2016-279-Edit


what a wonderful start to 2016 Photography of Birds

13 thoughts on “Mandarin Duck

  1. That is undoubtedly the most beautiful bird of any kind that I have seen, you did it justice too. I have heard about these for years and wondered if I would ever see one, I just assumed that it’d be in a zoo, or something… Who would think that one can just spot one in a field? heheh You did good finding this with your x-ray eyes, maybe next you will be shooting the Quetzalcoatl or el Chupacabra!


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