The People of St. Kitts

So anyone that knows me, particularly my shooting buddies, know that I DO NOT take people pictures, the only exception are my kids and grandkids.  Well surprise surprise, I took some people pictures while on vacation.  It really all started with the first photo, this guy had such charactor in his face….then I guess I got a little carried away.  StKitts-20-2


A group of locals entertaining visitors with music and dance


Captain on catamaran cruise





This elder gentlemen was apparently enjoying an early morning bath in the harbor.









One of the crew and hubby on the Catamaran cruise


First mate and me showing off some of the catch of the day….photo compliments of hubby 🙂

One thought on “The People of St. Kitts

  1. Holy Barracuda, Batman! 🙂
    The people look very friendly, that is not always the case though, I had a trip to the Cayman Islands, they were very rude there, I’m glad they aren’t at St, Kitts. You did very well on your ‘people’ shots, that is more than I have ever taken in my entire life of any people, I ain’t kiddin’ either. Some of them look like real characters, in a good way. 🙂
    I am wondering how much you rented those fish for though for your ‘fishing expedition’? heheh
    Really, I am so glad that y’all had such a good time, y’all needed it.


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