My kids have selected a few of my photos to decorate their new home….that’s pretty cool huh??   I sent them to my website and some of the photos they chose are a few years old so way back when I’d first gotten back into photography my filing system was really bad!!! It’s taken a few hours to find the originals so they can use them for the prints.  Anyway before I discovered birds, I actually shot all kinds of stuff…



6 thoughts on “Graffiti

    • Aha maybe I will…darn I am amazed at how many photos I have stored away. This photo was taken along the Trinity River in Dallas, back when there was no water in it…Last spring took care of that. Haven’t been down there since but I may have to go visit to see what water in a river looks like. Funny when we moved here and I saw all the bridges over the “Trinity River”, I just didn’t understand why they would call a bunch of grass a river…..Yeah well now I get it. Thanks for the inspriation to visit again. HMMM by the way spent most of my life in NY….never heard of Bogata NJ LOL but I can guess 🙂


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