Do You Remember

When you come across an old photo do you remember the moment?  Do you remember what you were feeling at the time.  They say that the sense of smell is the most powerful memory, but I’d have to say that an image is a close second…to those of us that walk around with a camera around our necks at all times.

I mentioned in the last post that I’ve been going through old photos to find some for my daughter and son-in-law; they want to have some prints to decorate her new home.  In the process I’ve had to comb thru ALOT of photos trying to find them.  It’s been fun 🙂  Anyway where I was going with this….so many of the images immediately bring back memories, feelings etc.  It’s amazing how I cannot remember things I am suppose to at work…but damn remember every detail of a photo from 5 years ago!  LOL

Another image to share for today



When I picked up a camera again, after many years of not shooting,I joined a photo meetup group…figured I’d meet some nice people that I could share the passion of photography with, and as the case with this photo, go places that I would not go alone.

4 thoughts on “Do You Remember

  1. I look through my albums of long ago and then the files I have on my hard drives and I can remember every moment and details of taking the picture.


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