The Bridge

There is a story behind this bridge… This is the bridge that connects the “mainland” to the barrier beach in Suffolk County on Long Island.  There is another bridge that then connects to the other barrier beach known as Fire Island…for  those of you not familiar with Long Island…this can get confusing  🙂    So way back when I was in grade school and God was a child, I lived on Oak Beach which was a bridge ride to school every morning.  There were 3 families (with kids)that lived year round on the beach, it was myself, the McCroddens, and the Lynch’s. While the Lynch family had like 13 kids…the rest of us combined were 4.  The school bus came every morning…it was a full-sized school bus by the way….picked up the beach kids and drove us to the “mainland” to school in Babylon.  The original bridge that connected Babylon/Islip to Jones Beach was built back in 1951,   however the need for more lanes to the beach required a second bridge be built.  I cannot remember exactly how long it took, but we rode that school bus and watched the second bridge being built…It is hard to see in this photo, but there are 2 bridges side by side here.

This photo was taken at the Babylon Dock last year when I had my annual visit home, lots of stories at the Babylon dock too…but perhaps another time.40 x 13.5 pano bridge

6 thoughts on “The Bridge

  1. This is great! But what you didn’t touch on is clarifying the names of the two bridges. There are always arguments as to which is called which. I tend to call the one lane bridge that goes to the beach the Fire Island bridge and the bay bridge the Robert Moses bridge. However older people tell me this is wrong and the inlet bridge is called the Robert Moses Bridge. Soooo??? lol. Some clarity would be great. 👍😁


    • Oh and I grew up In West Islip and lived in Oak Beach for 13 years. And my mom grew up in Ocean Beach. She lived there when there were no bridges.


    • Don’t know if my names are correct as googling it has come up with a few different answers but we always called the bridge to fire island the Robert Moses and the one in the photo the bay bridge or the great South Bay bridge. Where on Oak beach did you live? Association, west end or the central part?


      • Lived on both. Owned a house on Savannah Walk. But lived in the association for a couple of years too.
        I lived in Willets Creek growing up. Magoon landings. Been a water rat my entire life. My parents had the concession on the Captree bait and tackle for 10 years. Also Jones beach and Robert Moses Bait shop.
        I think you have the bridge names right and the way I said it was wrong. But doesn’t it make more sense the way I said it. Lol. I mean Rovert Moses built the bay bridge first didn’t he? So you could get to the Ocean Parkway. So I would think that one was named after him. And then the Fire Island bridge was built. But still I think you’re right.


  2. Bridge from mainland to Captree Island is called the Captree Bridge, the bridge from Captree Island is called the Robert Moses Bridge


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