New Neighbors

When we moved into our current home 9 years ago it was a new community, hence no trees….   Now 9 years later NOBODY has trees but us  🙂   We have 2 maples, another large one that I have no idea what it is and an oak.  I also have 5 feeders with assorted menus and 3 birdbaths.  Each year I get more new visitors, besides the regular sparrows, finches, cowbirds, hummingbirds, doves, cardinals and redwinged blackbirds this winter we had a resident ruby-crowned kinglet and yesterday a new surprise!!

I was playing Tom Sawyer ….endless feet of fence that needed whitewashing…OK not whitewashing, staining.   I started at 7:30 am and by 3pm I was covered in stain, feeling quite exhausted and ready to go lay down somewhere.   I was finishing the last part, being stabbed by rosebushes, which are under that tree that I have no idea what it is….I heard an unusual sound, not one of my regular songbirds….I looked up and there they were, 10 cedar waxwings coaxing me on to finish that darn fence!!!  🙂   like I said, covered in stain I thought about getting the tripod and camera but figured for sure by the time I set it up they would be long gone.  So I enjoyed their visit and hope they will return again.

This image is from a few years ago, in fact it was one of my first images with my long lens.  Since I didn’t capture one yesterday I thought I’d share this one.


Cedar Waxwing

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