Home is Home

The title for this post is borrowed from the movie Brooklyn

We are making some significant changes in our lives over the next few months, very excited about it 🙂  Shooting time will likely be cut to 0%.  BUT, I do have thousands of old photos that I can go back to when I have a little time at night…which is what I did last night.

Oh those significant changes…? We are relocating back to NY!  Yeah   We’ve been in Texas for 10 years and the time has come to go home.   Along those lines thought I’d share a few images from our homestate…

Chrysler building

I doubt this image needs an  explanation, The Chryster building and the Brooklyn bridge are my favorite structures in the city.


brooklyn Beer

A little artistic license taken with this one.  The Brooklyn Brewery Sign.  Took this photo in 2012 while visiting my kids.  Saturday at the Brooklyn Flea Home, great food vendors and flea market. Below is an image from inside the flea market, just loved all the vintage items 🙂

Brooklyn flea market


This next image is from 2011, downtown when the Freedom Tower was under construction.  Love the body language on these guys, and I love the texture of the building


workers at WTC

Concluding this grouping with a world recognized icon, altho probably not seen often from this viewpoint


Lady Liberty Poster

Lady Liberty

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