UTSW Rookery

I’ve heard about a rookery in downtown Dallas for a few years now, gone a few times to try to find it but never could.   My son-in-law starting working there a few months ago and I finally asked him where the heck it was…..  Sunday promised to be a beautiful spring day in Dallas so decided I would try once again to locate this special place.  Well damn, so easy to pass it by, because it is between 3 major roads and who would have thought!   There are hundreds of Great Egrets and hundreds of nests!!!  I walked without the camera for a bit just to take it all in…Egrets are monogamous  and then there are those males that are trying to find a mate.  They do this fantastic ritual, poof out the feathers, shake their heads and reach for the sky.  Totally captivating!

Engaged in the mating ritual

Engaged in the mating ritual

Those that already have mates tend to the nest.

UTSW March 2016-191-Edit


UTSW March 2016-396-Edit-2

UTSW March 2016-247


They rarely leave the area, and when they do they return with twigs.  I didn’t see any returning with food, but I have to imagine at some point they must.


Great egret BW

The entry to the rookery faces east and the early morning light provided an opportunity to silhouette some of images….added a little text here, but otherwise a straight shot against the morning sun.


UTSW March 2016-269

had to convert one to B&W…while you lose that green facial breeding coloration, the contrast is striking.

So according to the information posted at the Rookery, the Great Egret is the first to arrive, after their chicks hatch and can fly, the Snowy Egret then comes.   I will be visiting again and share the latest update


The Bench


I visited the coastline of New Hampshire over the weekend to attend my cousins wedding.  I’ve never been, actually never knew, that New Hampshire touched the Atlantic Ocean…What a beautiful area.  More photos to come, but this one is for Carol and Jude.  As I was walking along the path in Odiorne State Park this bench welcomes a rest overlooking the ocean. It was placed in memory of John Nelson and the inscription read “To laugh often and love much, to win the respect of intelligent persons and the affection of children, to find the best in others and to give of oneself, to leave the world a bit better…this is to have succeeded” Emerson.  I know you have a bench thing going, but I don’t get the pingbacks and attaching etc. so I’ll just post it here and do my own dedication to you two.  I so enjoy your blogs!


H Ferrell Hogbottoms

Don’t you just love that name! H Ferrell Hogbottoms This place is a little, well not so little, something like 146 acres in Irving TX…it is an oasis in the making.  A gentlemen by the name of Jim is creating this wonderful refuge, it’s whimsical and natural and oh my gosh can grow into  a wonderful getaway for both nature lovers and nature itself!  Went on what I’ll call a “scouting visit” yesterday, actually didn’t take a lot of photos, just enjoyed exploring the place….and hoping Jim will allow me back in to take more photos!  Spotted quite a variety of animals and ducks and birds.  From llamas, to Rams, to Wood ducks to Lincoln sparrow and a bunch in between 🙂

I actually shot with my wide angle lens for the first time in probably a year…I’ve been so engrossed in birds I really haven’t taken the 400mm  lens off the camera.  Also decided to play a little with textures in Photoshop,  something else I haven’t done in awhile. Hope you enjoy as much as I did exploring.

There is a facebook page and a website, you should go check it out!

hogbottom fog




Bird Art

Weather here is DFW has been cold, cloudy, rainy and generally gloomy for what seems like weeks!  Unfortunately I cannot not go out shooting when it’s like that so I’ve been “playing” with my photos.  Thought it might be fun to make some artsy images of birds.  I worked on this one for about 2 hours today, lot’s of trashed layers in photoshop but eventually was pleased with the results…

Yellow-rumped warbler

This is the original image:
Yellow-rumped warbler

Sharing a wonderful story and talent

Not sure how I found Kristofer Rowe, I think it was his Flickr page. I was enamored with his photos of osprey, for whatever reason I goggled his name and found an article about him in the local paper in Connecticut. He is a chef at Bee & Thistle Inn  in Old Lyme, Connecticut; he replaced his bottle of vodka with a camera and what he captures is amazing.
This is the link to his Flickr page. Something to be said about second chances, good choices and the love and passion for something.
I am not comfortable with posting others photos, so my photo will be my poor version of an Osprey…you need to look at Kristofer’s photo’s to see the beauty of this bird.Osprey