Autumn Orange

I associate pumpkins with halloween…BUT pumpkin pie?  Now that’s Thanksgiving!  I am now in the midst of farmland and every other mile is another farm stand, they all still offer the pumpkins.  Grabbed this shot last weekend as I was exploring.  I must admit, while most of my cooking/baking is from scratch, pumpkin pie is one of those things that I buy frozen and “bake” in my oven  🙂



Long Island north shore farms

Long Island north shore farms

There’s just something so wonderful about Autumn

I now live in the south so autumn is kind of a non event…It seems to go from 100 degrees to just very warm to cold.  Those crisp clean days of autumn that you experience in the northern parts of this country just don’t happen here…so when I find an image that reminds me of those days and grab it and pretend the air is crisp…and the frost is on the pumpkin.

Fall leaves